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Research activities 

My research activities are made accessible to others through the development of SDT, which allows the industrial deployment of simulation and vibration testing processes,  and deal with  

  • Damping from viscoelastic and contact/friction mechanisms
    • Design of viscoelastic damping treatments
    • Non-linear viscoelastic and hysteretic behavior at material and structural level. 
    • Homogenization 3D woven composite materials.
  • Model reduction
    • Reduction of large parametric models: tradeoffs needed for applicability to cases with geometry given millions of DOF, dynamics in thousands of modes, tens of parameters. 
    • Incorporation of reduced model for frequency and time domain simulation of damping mechanisms. 
    • Use of spatially periodic/Floquet computations for basis learning phases
  • Experimental modal analysis 
    • Characterization of experimental errors for each sensor/actuator/mode
    • Parametric modal testing : influence of temperature, pressure, static loading with applications to damping characterization, brake squeal, rail pad characterization 
    • Hybrid models, relation between expansion and updating or state/parameter estimation 
  • Time simulation of systems with contact/friction
    • Brake squeal simulation and analysis of limit cycle tests in time varying configurations
    • Problems with moving contacts: pantograph/catenary interaction, rail/wheel contact
    • Problems with time varying contacts : bolted assemblies, intermittent contact in damages
    • Simulation of systems with piezoelectric actuators and sensors 


Teaching activities 

  • Vibration of Mechanical Systems, 2nd year of Engineering (M1 level) at ENSAM
  • Modal Analysis, ENSAM (Provir, M2 level) & CentraleSupélec (Master MS2SC)

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