Differential Enthalpic Analysis (DSC)

We are equipped with 4 devices allowing routine analyzes(Tg, TIO, Tf,…)


  • A DSC TA Q10 and a DSC TA Q20 whose ovens have the possibility of being under an oxygen atmosphere (TIO analyzes).
  • Une DSC TA Q10
  • DSC TA Q1000 modulated equipped with a sample changer


Thermogravimetric analysis

This analysis makes it possible to determine the variations of mass of a sample during ramps of temperatures.

  • TGA Q50 de TA Instruments, up to a temperature of 1000 ° C. The apparatus is equipped with a system making it possible to have a gas mixture (O2 / N2) of the proportions desired in the oven.
  • TGA Q500 de TA Instruments  (up to 1000°C)