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Juan Pablo Marquez Costa has joined the Polymers & Composites team of PIMM laboratory at ENSAM (Paris) in September 2022 as teacher & researcher. He holds a Ph.D. in material and structures for the aeronautical and aerospace field. His main research fields are fracture mechanics and durability of multi-phase materials such as polymer matrix composites by experimental and numerical tools and using a multi-scale approach. The main goal is to study the link between transformation processes, material degradation and durability, with an special focus on fissuration

Before landing at PIMM, he has worked at IRDL from Mars 2021 to August 2022 as research engineer (post-doc), in the multi-material assemblies’ team, at ENSTA-Bretagne (France). Juan Pablo obtained his Ph.D. at ONERA between November 2017 and February 2021. He was enrolled in the Sciences and Engineering of Materials, Mechanics, and Energetics Doctoral School of Poitiers (SIMME). His Ph.D. subject focuses on the fire resistance of composite materials used in aeronautical structures. During this period, he could acquire a high knowledge about test/simulation dialog using FE simulations and non-destructive testing such as digital image correlation and infra-red imaging.

Juan Pablo Marquez Costa participates actively in the "Programme Grande Ecole" (PGE) and "Programme Ingénieur de Spécialité" (PIS) of ENSAM, notably in the 3rd year of PGE for expertises : (i) Development of composite and plastic parts and (ii) virtual prototyping.
He teaches in two masters : (i) Master 1 Factory of Future (FoF), where he is involved mainly in CAD (computer aided design) and modelling and (ii) Master 2 of Research "Mécanique des Matériaux pour l’Ingénierie et l’Intégrité des Structures" (MAGIS).
He is also involved in several academic projects such as : (i) "Projet d'Expertise de 3ième année" (PJE), (ii) "Projet Métier de 2ième année" (PJT) in ENSAM formations, (iii) projects of expertise for speciality 3rd year of PGE and (iv) design office studies.
Finally, he is involved in the Evolutive Learning Factories (ELF) project in ENSAM, looking for adapting pedagogical technics based on a project approach.