The PIMM lab is associated with three institutes: Arts et Métiers ParisTech, CNRS (Délégation Ile de France Ouest et Nord - DR05) and CNAM. In addition, AMValor, an interface manager for a large part of our industrial contracts, enables PIMM to recruit researchers.

On 01/01/2018, 55 PhD students were enrolled at the PIMM; 10 people with postdoctoral missions are hired on fixed-term contracts and 2 ATERs carry out their research in the laboratory.

  January 2018
Researchers 20+(1) 6 + (1) 8     34+(1)
Affiliate members [3]       [1] [4]
Tech.& Adm. Staff 9 8 5 1   23
Total 29 + [3] + (2) 14+(1) 13 1 [4] 57 + [4] + (3)

  ( ) Professor Emeritus

logo HESAM   PIMM is a member of COMUE HeSam.

arts  PIMM is also a member of the Institut Carnot Arts which includes laboratories of several engineering schools and universities throughout France.


Finally, the PIMM is part of two research federations recognised by the CNRS:

- logo F2M  The PIMM laboratory is part of the Fédération Francilienne de Mécanique (FR 2609). PIMM hosts this administrative CNRS structure, Frédéric Valès is a member of the steering committee and Olivier Castelnau will be the head of F2M Federation on 1st of January 2019.

- logo FERMI   la Fédération pour l'Enseignement et la Recherche sur la Métallurgie en Ile-de-France FERMI (FR3701).