PIMM lab is associated with three institutes : Arts et Métiers ParisTechCNRS (Délégation Ile de France Ouest et Nord - DR05) and  CNAM. In addition,  AMValor, interface manager for a large part of our industrial contracts, allows PIMM to recruit researchers.

In 01/01/2018, 55 PhD students were enrolled in the PIMM; 10 people with postdoctoral missions are hired on fixed-term contracts and 2 ATERs carry out their research in the laboratory

  January 2018
Researchers 20+(1) 6 + (1) 8     34+(1)
Affiliate members [3]       [1] [4]
Tech.& Adm. Staff 9 8 5 1   23
Total 29 + [3] + (2) 14+(1) 13 1 [4] 57 + [4] + (3)

  ( ) Professor Emeritus

logo HESAM   PIMM is a member of COMUE HeSam.

arts  PIMM is also a member of the Institut Carnot Arts  which includes laboratories of several engineering schools and universities throughout France.


Finally, the PIMM is part of two research federations recognized by the CNRS:

- logo F2M  la Fédération Francilienne de Mécanique F2M (FR 2609). PIMM laboratory is part of the Fédération Francilienne de Mécanique (FR 2609). PIMM hosts this administrative CNRS structure, Frédéric Valès is a member of the steering committee and Olivier Castelnau will be the head of F2M Federation on 2019, January the first.

- logo FERMI   la Fédération pour l'Enseignement et la Recherche sur la Métallurgie en Ile-de-France FERMI (FR3701).