In addition to teaching actions at the engineering training level, the PIMM has training actions in terms of Master of Research, Doctoral Training and Professional Continuing Education, whether or not they lead to a diploma.

Involvement of the PIMM in Research Masters:

The PIMM staff is involved in the teaching of 4 Research Masters:

  • MAGIS (MAterial and EnGineering Science in ParIS) Coordinated by X. Colin of the PIMM, MAGIS is entirely taught in Englsh to welcome foriegn students. MAGIS is co-operable by ENS de Cachan, Mines ParisTech, Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Centrale and with the participation of two researchers from the ESPCI. 3 of the 4 courses are coordinated by the PIMM. 50 students/year, including about 20-25 in the 3rd year of ENSAM and 50% of the courses provided by the PIMM
  • SAR (Systems and Advanced and Robotics) Speciality led by Paris6 and cohabited by ENSAM 45 students/year including 15 students from ENSAM and 20% of the courses taught by the PIMM
  • IMS (Materials and Surface Engineering) Specialty led and coordinated by ENSAM, co-ownership by ECAM-Lyon, HEI-Lille, ENSAIT-Lille. 15 students/year, including 3 or 4 ENSAM students and about 10% of the lessons provided by the PIMM
  • MS2SC (Modeling and Simulation in Mechanics and Coupled Systems - (MS)2SC) Specialization led by CentraleSupélec, ENS Paris Saclay, ENSTA and co-accredited by ENSAM 20 students including 2 students from ENSAM and 1 course provided by PIMM

The MAGIS and IMS specialities have very similar programmes and objectives, but IMS is intended to involve the various ENSAM laboratories, while MAGIS is intended to coordinate materials teaching in the Paris region.

Master internships: Each year, the PIMM hosts about 40 master's internships, mainly in M2, including 30 M2 Research internships.

Doctoral training:

The number of PhD students in the PIMM is about 55, the vast majority of whom are enrolled at the ’Ecole Doctorale 432 SMI, , a joint ENSAM and Cnam school.


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The PIMM has trained more than 100 doctors since the laboratory was established in 2009.

The doctoral students of the PIMM are at the origin of the creation of the ENSAM doctoral students' association (ADDAM) and are very active (President and Treasurer).


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