Post-Doctoral position: time resolved X-ray diffraction in polycrystalline materials (M/F)

Type de poste

In the framework of the ERC FastMat European project on the study of the fatigue properties of the metallic alloys beyond on billion cycles, the recruited researcher will hold a central position. His or her first mission will be to implement time resolved X-ray diffraction measurement techniques in polycrystalline materials submitted by a cyclic mechanical loading. A second mission will be to develop new methods to analyze the diffraction patterns obtain during low stress amplitude (case of the gigacycle fatigue) and high frequency (20kHz) cyclic loading.

The researcher will have to implement and develop time resolved X-ray diffraction techniques using pump-probe methods. To do this, he or she will have to collaborate effectively with the teams of the Synchrotron SOLEIL (beamline scientists, detector group...) where the experiments will be carried out (, DiffAbs beamline). He/she will also participate in the selection of the tested materials and the characterization of their metallurgical property (grain size, texture...) in the laboratory before tests. Another important part of his or her activity will be the analysis of diffraction data to estimate quantities such as displacement or broadening of diffraction peaks, which are significant data to understand the level of internal stresses, hardening and fatigue damage of the material.


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