The PIMM Lab has been gathering since 1 January 2009 the strengths and skills from three different laboratories:

- The  Laboratory of Materials Engineering  (LIM - UMR Arts et Métiers ParisTech/ CNRS 8006) logo LIM

- The Laboratary of Mechanics and Processing (LMSP – UMR Arts et Métiers ParisTech / CNRS 8106) logo LMSP

- The Laboratory of High Power laser Applications(LALP – UPR CNRS 1578) logo LALP

The interest of such a co-location was at first scientific: the interactive reconciliation between materials, structures and manufacturing processes corresponds to a major scientific trend of the mechanics of solids at the international level, its additional originality is to try to take the processes as the driving force.

The polymers group of the CNAM P2AM EA4626 joined us in September 2011 with all their research equipment, including expertise in biosourced materials and extrusion processes. The research activities around the processes, microstructure and properties of the polymers are restructured in a new research group then called ArPe. In January 2013, the entire P2AM merges with the PIMM and the metallurgy group of the P2AM team becomes part of the new CoMet research group. Since 1 January 2014, the PIMM has had three supervisory authorities: Arts et Métiers ParisTech, CNRS and CNAM.