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Véronique Favier has been Assistant Professor since 1997 at Arts et Métiers Paristech. Now, she is Professor at Arts et Metiers ParisTech. She has taught and produced resaerch work for ten years at the Centre at Metz at Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique des Matériaux (LPMM) in Professor Marcel Berveiller's team. She obtained the Habilitation in 2005, June delivered by the University of Paul Verlaine Metz on Physical and micromechanical modelling behaviour for heterogeneous materials : microstructure and time dependent mechanisms
In 2007, September, she joined the Centre of Paris of Arts et Métiers ParisTech and the laboratory of Materials Engineering (Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Matériaux (LIM) managed by Thierry Bretheau. Since, 2010, the first of January, the laboratoiry LIM has become the laboratory of Processing and Engineering in Mechanics and Materials ( PIMM,Procédés et Ingénierie en Mécanique et Matériaux). She is the head of the PIMM Lab from 2018.

Keywords : micromechanics, crystal plasticity, semi-solid alloys, very high cycle fatigue
Her research works aim at understanding and at modelling the relations between the microstructure of the heterogeneous materials, the mechanical characteristics of the elementary constituents (mechanical phases) which compose them and the effective behavior of these materials. She is more specifically interested in the systems (materials, thermomechanical loadings) having strong couplings between mechanisms with various kinetics and\or between thermo-mechanical mechanisms. Two axes are studied:

Behavior in forming, microstructures and properties induced by "rapid" processes involving the material under various high-contrast phases mechanics (typically liquid phase and solid phase) - Application in the laser processes and forming of semi-solid metallic alloys

  • International collaborations : H. Atkinson (Univ. Leicester, RU) and A. Néag (Univ Cluj Napoca, Romania)

Microplasticity: mechanisms of deformation and of dissipation in the case of the fatigue at very low stress magnitude (and very large number of cycles)

  • International collaborations : H. Mughrabi (Univ. Erlangen, Germany)

She is co-author of 46 publications in international scientific journals - h-index 21 on 02/02/2020

open access :

Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference "Very High Cycle Fatigue" (VHCF) since 2016
Member of the scientific committee of the international conference "Semi-solid processing of alloys and composites" (S2P) since 2006

    2017-2022 Participation in the European ERC "FastMat" project (gigacyclic fatigue and energy balance) led by N. Ranc
    2017 - Co-Head of a Carnot ARTS Institute project on the effect of laser shock treatment on poly and gigacyclic fatigue
    2019 - Project manager "Extension of the service life of power transmission parts by laser shot blasting: experimental process analyses" with the IRT-M2P

    2007-2010 Member of the National Commission of Universities (60th section)
    2009- Member of the PIMM Laboratory Council
    2010- 2013 Deputy Director of the Francilienne Federation of Mechanics (F2M), Materials, Structures, Processes, which includes about twenty laboratories in Ile de France
    2010-2014 Head of the M2 Master's degree in Materials & Engineering Sciences (MAGIS)
    2012-2016 Responsible for the ENSAM "Mécanique Matériaux Procédés" qualification
    2018 Member of the Strategy Committee of the Additive Factory Hubb platform
    2018- Director of the PIMM laboratory

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