Founded in 2010, the Processes and Engineering in Mechanics and Materials (PIMM) laboratory aims to respond to the "Materials" challenges of the industry of the future and of sustainable development in the transport, energy, packaging and health sectors.

The PIMM (Processing and EngIneering in Mechanics and Materials) laboratory gathers scientific experts from large and various scientifc fields such as chemistry, materials sciences, mechanics of materials, materials processing, structures, dynamics, and computational mechanics. Scientific works on laser processing and polymer processing are based on a large range of experimental devices.

The objectives of scientific works are mainly to study the impact of processing on the in-life materials properties. It requires to investigate changes in microstructures and defects induced by processing. Research on structural dynamics and Self Health Monitoring leads to investigate propagations of waves as well as their interaction with surfaces and interfaces. For many years, the PIMM lab has been developping a wide range of skills in durability of polymers (chemical ageing) and very high cycle fatigue.

The PIMM benefits from an exceptional academic and industrial collaborative research environment in Ile de France. It is a member of the two Ile-de-France research federations in mechanics and metallurgy. It is close to the SOLEIL synchrotron with which it is collaborating in the framework of an ERC project on gigacyclic fatigue. Through Arts et Métiers, he is a member of the Additive Factory Hub, which is strongly supported by the Ile de France Region, and has been contributing his expertise to the Hub through a dozen theses since 2017. With Lulli and Ecole Polytechnique, it is also a member of the CRONOS project, which has just been selected as part of the SESAME Filière programme to create an industrial sector of excellence around laser impact for the study and engineering of materials. The PIMM is also a member of the Carnot Institute ARTS. There are more than a hundred SMEs/ETIs or large groups in partnership, some of which are on a long-term basis within the framework of a Chair (with Arkema and ESI) or a joint laboratory (Air Liquide).

The PIMM has a unique experimental park in the field of polymer processing and laser processes for metal alloys. It studies the microstructures and defects induced by the processes using electronic and atomic force microscopy techniques and X-ray diffraction and scattering analyses.  Within the framework of the 2021/2027 CPER, three new pieces of equipment have been requested: Meso3D - Digital Materials, which is intended to become part of the Paris Network for Advanced Microscopy service group supported by the CNRS, CRONOS in connection with the SESAME Filière project, and FA-LASER for the acquisition of a low-volume powder production machine coupled with a laser additive manufacturing prototype to develop new polymer and composite mixtures, and biobased or recycled polymers. This state-of-the-art equipment will be open to academic and industrial partners.

Please feel free to contact us and to have a look on our website if you need further information on our scientific skills and topics or on our large range of experimental set-up.

Laboratoire PIMM, Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology, CNRS, Cnam, HESAM Universite, 151 Boulevard de l'Hopital, 75013 Paris, France

Head of PIMM Lab : Véronique FAVIER                                       Deputy head of PIMM Lab : Alain GUINAULT

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