Since 2017, several stronger partnerships between industrial companies and the lab have emerged:

  • AL  + PIMM  : Joint Laboratory with Air Liquide (Laser ream)
  •  arkema + PIMM   : Industrial Chair with ARKEMA ( P&C team)
  •       ESI      + PIMM   : Industrial Chair with ESI Group (Dysco team)  
  • AFH Additive Factory Hub (AFH): The Additive Factory Hub platform integrates, develops and innovates Additive Manufacturing technologies by bringing together in one place state-of-the-art skills and resources. Its missions are research, dissemination and training for French partner companies and the ecosystem.

CT-IPCIndustrial Technical Centre of Plastics and Composites: Agreement with PIMM to build together reseach projects on rotomoulding, ageing and nanostructuration of polymers and composites