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Research activities:

My principal research topics relate to the study of the thermomechanical behaviour of materials and the study of the mechanical effects associated with a mechanical loading. I am interested in particular in various phenomena such as the material instability due to the thermal softening during a high strain rate loading (adiabatic shear  bands), the high speed and very high speed machining, the Portevin Le Châtelier effect and fatigue in the high and very high cycle regime. I developed original experimental techniques to measure temperature fields under extreme loading conditions: high speed phenomena, very small temperature variations, high temperatures, very high spatial resolutions...

Research projects:

Teaching activities:

  • Material science (Virtual prototyping teaching unit; 3rd year of ENSAM)
  • Structural calculations: lectures and practical works on numerical simulation with ANSYS (Virtual prototyping teaching unit)
  • Non linear mechanics (practical works; 2nd year of ENSAM)
  • Heat transfer (Lectures and practical works in first master degree, taught in english)
  • Resistance of materials (lectures and practical works, ENSAM learning curiculum, industrial engineering)
  • Multiphysic numerical project (Research Master MAGIS)
  • 3rd year ENSAM Projects


Phd supervising:



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Selected presentations in international congress and workshops:

  1. N. Ranc, Principles of high speed thermography - application on the study of adiabatic shear band initiation, Worshop on High Speed Temperature Measurements, 14 October 2015, Southampton, England. (Présentation)
  2. N. Ranc, A. Blanche, D. Ryckelynck, A. Chrysochoos, "Preprocessing of temperature measurement by IR techniques using POD truncated basis for heat source estimation", 12th  International Conference on Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT2014), 4-11 juillet 2014, Bordeaux, France. (Présentation)
  3. N. Ranc, V. Favier, N.L. Phung, A. Blanche, A. Chrysochoos, "Very high cycle fatigue for single-phase ductile metals: self-heating, energy dissipation and slip markings", 11th International Fatigue Congress (Fatigue2014), 2-7 mars 2014, Melbourne, Australie. (Présentation)
  4. N. Ranc, T. Palin-Luc, N. Saintier. and P.C. Paris. Thermomechanical aspects of fatigue crack propagation. International Conference on Full-field Measurement Techniques and their Applications in Experimental Solid Mechanics (Photomechanics 2013), 27-29 mai 2013, Montpellier, France. (Présentation)
  5. N. Ranc, High speed and high spatial resolution pyrometry – application to adiabatic shear band in titanium alloy, International Workshop on Strain Measurement in Extreme Environments, 28 August 2012, Glasgow, England. (Présentation)
  6. N. Ranc, I. Illoul, D. Wagner, P. C. Paris, C. Bathias, "Study of Crack Propagation by Infrared Thermography During Very High Cycle Fatigue Regime", 12th International Conference on Fracture, 12-17 juillet 2009, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Présentation)
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