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Context et challenges

Laser Metal Deposition - Titanium Alloys (M. Gharbi, C. Gorny, 2013)
Laser Metal Deposition for titanium alloys (M. Gharbi, C. Gorny; 2013)

Additive manufacturing is currently undergoing a very strong development both in France and internationally. Among the industrial issues, there is the optimization of the processing with regard to the surface integrity and the density of material in order to obtain parts with good mechanical strength. Other issues concern the acceleration of production cycles and the development of new alloys.
Specific features at PIMM
For 20 years, the PIMM Laser research group has been working on the transformation of materials by laser processings (welding, drilling, surface treatments and additive manufacturing) and laser-material interaction. P. Peyre (DR PIMM) coordinates the "National Network of Knowledge" bringing together the various laboratories (numbering 7) of ENSAM working on the two approaches mentioned above. In terms of processing, the PIMM is the only French academic laboratory that has the means of two complementary techniques: Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and Selective Laser melting (SLM). In an original way and in addition to the use of industrial machines, we design and set-up instrumented testbeds and
prototypes in order to measure temperature, and to visualise laser-powder interaction and hydrodynamics of the melted zones during the processing. These experiments provide to the Laser research group with a unique analysis of the dynamics of the melt pool and the stability of the processing depending on the laser beam conditions and the nature of the powders used. Finally, since 2012, laboratory studies have been extended to the processing / microstructure / induced properties relationships and the numerical simulation at the melt pool scale and its immediate environment.


Scientific issues
PIMM Lab addresses the following scientific questions:

• What are the physical phenomena involved during the laser-matter interaction ? How to optimise and control the processing ?
• What are the induced microstructures and the final properties fo the components ?

Some collaborative projects

2016-2019 PSPC FAIR,


2017-2020 FACT led by l’IRT Jules Verne

Since 2017: Member of the Additive Factory Hub of région Ile de France,

Industrial Partners: SAFRAN Tech, CEA, AIR LIQUIDE, ADD UP, ARKEMA, ...