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Dimitri Goutaudier

Welcome! I am a CNRS researcher in DISCOH team since November 2023. I develop hybrid twins for intelligent dynamical systems in mechanical engineering. 

In my work, these systems are engineering structures or industrial processes which proficiently use sensor measurements to:

  • identify parameters of interest,

  • predict future states,

  • detect anomalies or damages,

  • update their underlying models.

I combine advanced model order reduction techniques, physics-based and/or data-driven, with original inverse methods using as less sensors as possible. 

Research interests

  • Hybrid modeling

  • Model order reduction

  • Data-driven techniques

  • Dynamical systems


Nov. 2023-today: CNRS researcher, PIMM Laboratory, Arts et Métiers, Paris, France

2021-2023: Postdoctoral researcher, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

2019-2021: Postdoctoral researcher, CNRS, PIMM Laboratory, Arts et Métiers, Paris, France

2016-2019: PhD in Mechanical Engineering, ONERA, Airbus, Cnam, Paris, France

Honors and awards

2021: Best paper award, Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics (EREA)

2020: Prix Jeunes Actifs, Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France (3AF)

2019: PhD award, Department of Materials and Structures, ONERA