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Context and objective
In a context of reducing the impact of plastics on the environment, it is essential to intensify actions in favor of a more circular economy for plastic food packaging, in particular by developing new recyclable films or using biobased polymers. In this perspective, the PSPC “Stretch” program aims at developing high-performance multilayer films that meet these expectations.
The objective of this thesis is therefore to implement petroleum-based/recyclable and biosourced/biodegradable multilayer films with improved barrier, thermal and mechanical properties. The developed strategy consists in combining a nanolayer coextrusion process with a (biaxial) stretching step using innovative formulations. The nanostratification induced by the multilayer coextrusion process and the stretching will induce a modification of the film microstructure (degree of crystallinity, crystal size and orientation, molecular orientation in amorphous phase, orientation of possible fillers). Fine characterization methods will be used to study this nanostructuration and its impact on the macroscopic properties


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Development of stretched and recyclable multilayered films for food packaging