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For more than 150 years it has been known that mechanical structures can break under repeated loading well below the rupture stress associated with monotonic loading. This phenomen is called fatigue failure: this property is a crucial parameter in material science today because more than 80% of fractures in transport, aeronautic and energy production industries are attributed to fatigue mechanisms. Fatigue design is thus important in engineering and it requires the mechanical characterization of material under cyclic loadings to ensure the safety and reliability of structures throughout their life service. The characterization of the fatigue behaviour of materials requires fatigue tests, during which the specimen is loaded cyclically at different stress amplitudes until fracture. One problem with this method is the test duration necessary to reach the onset of the VHCF domain, indeed it becomes excessive for a standard laboratory (up to 3 years). To reduce the time testing, new approaches using ultrasonic fatigue machines have been developed during last decades.

In this context, in-situ time resolved X-ray diffraction approaches provide direct estimation of microstructure evolution during material deformation as function of an applied external stress and number of loading cycles. Indeed, the peak broadening is related to the  microstrucure and its evaluation during deformation can provide insights into the mechanisms responsible for the observed mechanical behaviour and produce useful input to design materials.

My research relates to: 

1) implement time resolved X-ray diffraction measurement techniques in polycrystalline materials submitted by cyclic ultrasonic fatigue loading;

2) develop new methods to analyze the diffraction patterns obtain during low stress amplitude (gigacycle fatigue) and high frequency (20kHz) cyclic loading to estimate quantities such as displacement or broadening of diffraction peaks, which are significant data to understand the level of internal stresses, hardening and fatigue damage of the material.

DIFFABS beamline of SOLEIL Synchrotron (Ultrasonic fatigue machine on the 6-circles diffractometer)


​​​​11/2016 - 02/2020: Ph.D. Europaeus in Geosciences at University of Bari | Experimental thesis in Crystallography and Mineralogy.
10/2013 - 12/2015: Master Degree in Chemicals Science at University of Bari Aldo Moro | Experimental Thesis in Crystallography and Inorganic Chemistry.
10/2009 - 04/2013: Bachelor degree in Chemicals Science and Technology at University of Bari Aldo Moro | Experimental Thesis in Physical Chemistry.

Research interests

Crystallography, X-ray diffraction, Material characterization, Mineralogy, Microscopy, Synthesis, Rietveld refinement, Modeling and simulation of disordered materials.


Influence of layer charge on hydration properties of synthetic octahedrally- charged Na-saturated trioctahedral swelling phyllosilicates. Vinci D.; Dazas B.; Ferrage E.; Lanson M.; Findling N.; Lanson B. (2020) Applied Clay Science.

Hydration of Na-saturated synthetic stevensite, a peculiar trioctahedral smectite. Vinci D., Lanson B., Lanson L., Magnin V., Findling N. (2020) Clay Minerals.


03/2021 - currently: Temprary Lecturer at Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, Paris (FR).

01/2020 - currently: PostDoc at PIMM-CNRS, ENSAM, CNAM, Paris (FR).
01/2018 - 09/2019: Visiting PhD Student at ISTerre/CNRS, University of Grenoble Alpes (FR).
11/2016 - 10/2019: PhD Fellowship for Early Stage Researcher at Department of Earth and Geo-environmental Sciences, University of Bari Aldo Moro.
03/2016 - 07/2016: Research as Post-Graduated Student at Department of Earth and Geo-environmental Sciences, University of Bari Aldo Moro.
12/2014 - 12/2015: Internship and training for the Master thesis at Department of Chemistry, University of Bari Aldo Moro.


Legend: Oral presentation (O) Poster presentation (P)

  • IV Meeting of the Italian and Spanish Crystallographic Associations, 21–25 June 2016, Tenerife, Spain (O, P)
  • 2nd International Conference on Applied Mineralogy & Advanced Materials 13th International Conference on Applied Mineralogy, 5-9 June 2017, Castellaneta Marina (Italy). (O)
  • XLVI Meeting of “Associazione Italiana di Cristallografia”, 26-29 June 2017, Perugia (Italy). (P)
  • 16th International Clay Conference, 17-21 July 2017, Granada (Spain). (P)
  • SIMP-SGI-AIV-SoGel Congress, 4-6 September 2017, Pisa (Italy). (O),(P)
  • EUROCLAY: international conference on clay science and technology, 1-5 July 2019, Paris (France). (O),(P) 
  • ECM32, 18-22 Aug 2019, Vienna (Austria). (P)


  • 03/2016 – 05/2016: Diffrazione di raggi-X per polveri. Department of Chemistry, University of Bari (Italy)
  • 25/09/2017 – 28/09/2017: SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy). DiSTeGeo, University of Bari (Italy)
  • 03/2017 - 04/2017: MatLab. DiSTeGeo, University of Bari (Italy)
  • 16/10/2017 – 18/10/2017: Microtomography. DiSTeGeo, University of Bari (Italy)
  • 22/01/2018 – 26/01/2018: Crystal structure of finely divided solids - part 2. Faculté de Sciences Fondamentales et Appliquées, Université de Poitiers (France)
  • 25/02/2018 – 29/03/2018: Higher European Research Course for Users of Large Experimental Systems. CNRS, Grenoble (France)
  • 4/06/2018 – 8/06/2018: Introduction to structural crystallography and diffraction. University of Padua (Italy)


Invited talk (I)

  • L’ordine nell’invisibile: un secolo di cristallografia. University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Bari (Italy); 14/03/2014
  • La strana storia dei materiali impossibili. University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Bari (Italy);  21/05/2015
  • Geopolimeri: cosa sono, come si fanno e perché. University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Bari (Italy); 30/09/2015
  • Tecniche di diffrazione per la caratterizzazione di farmaci. University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Bari (Italy); 19/02/2016
  • Microscopy without microscope: structure and microstructure analysis with powder diffraction. University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Bari (Italy);  13/07/2017
  • Earth Sciences PhD Days. University of Pisa (Italy); 7-8 September 2017.
  • Quantification de phases par diffraction des rayons X : ISTerre à l’honneur. ISTerre/CNRS, Université Grenoble Alpes (France); 2 October 2018.
  • Mars, le 1er milliard d'années. ISTerre/CNRS, Université Grenoble Alpes (France); 4 October 2018.
  • Influence of charge density and charge location on smectite hydration. ISTerre/CNRS, Université Grenoble Alpes (France); 4 December 2018. (I)


  • 10/06/2014 – 14/06/2014: International SIR/EXPO workshop. Istituto di Cristallografia-CNR. University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Bari (Italy)
  • 22/02/2017:  L'esperimento flessibile: studi di diffrazione in condizioni non ambientali. Commissione di strumentazione e calcolo dell’Associazione Italiana di Cristallografia. University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Bari (Italy)
  • 17/09/2018 – 19/09/2018: Nanomaterial Microscopy & Microanalysis: Tools and Preparation. ISTerre/CNRS, Université Grenoble Alpes (France)


  • 28/08/2014 – 6/09/2014: First European School of Crystallography.  Pavia (Italy).
  • 7/09/2016 – 11/09/2016:  AIC International School of Crystallography: Polymorphism, stability and phase transition in crystals: theory, experiments and applications. Rimini (Italy).
  • 29/08/2018 – 02/09/2018: AIC International School of Crystallography: Powder Diffraction: theory, experiments and applications. Bari (Italy).


  • 9th biennial Reynold’s Cup competition: 2nd place (2018) N.Findling; B.Lanson; D.Vinci  (
  • The Clay Minerals Society Student Travel Award (2019) 
  • Robert L. Snyder Student Traval Award (2019)
  • IUCr Young Scientist Award (2019)


International Center for Diffraction Data